FORTO DVARAS - Lietuviškų patiekalų restoranas Druskininkuose

M.K.Čiurlionio g. 55, Druskininkai

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FORTO DVARAS - Lietuviškų patiekalų restoranas Druskininkuose

“Forto Dvaras” – Lithuanian cuisine restaurant is located in a quiet, scenic spot on the shore of Lake Druskonis. In the cosy atmosphere of a fine old Lithuanian manor house decorated with natural wood, antique art and reproductions of drawings from authentic books you can gaze at the splendid view of the lake while listening to Lithuanian music. The restaurant has 4 halls (accommodating from 20 to 200 guests) for banquets, buffets, balls, festivities. Folklore evenings are organised for tourist groups.

We invite you to enjoy Lithuanian cuisine that is certified for authenticity by Lithuania’s Culinary Heritage Fund and to taste dishes that are characteristic of Lithuania’s main ethnographic regions. We offer up to 12 types of zeppelins, various salads, soups, appetisers, meat (pork of beef) and fish dishes and desserts.


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